Music Creation and Performance

Music Creation and Performance develops and extends the rich resources of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music’s composition and performance arenas. It encompasses a wide range of creative genres embedded in continual refinement and evolution of stylistic and idiomatic engagement in the acts of composition and performance, blending historically shaped compositional outputs with the immediacy of live music as structured sound. The composition and performance arenas continually engage with major practitioners worldwide giving voice to music as the deepest form of human expression through a rich tapestry of compositions, performances, recordings and other innovative media.


The Conservatorium’s performance program is led by internationally recognized scholars and performers which is augmented by a vast array of visiting performers and scholars.  Performance research is characterized by high quality performance alongside scholarly depth and excellence.


The composition program at the Conservatorium is a vibrant environment in which young composing musicians are equipped with the skills and insights necessary to develop their own creative voices.  Compositional research looks at the the skills of compositional technique, professional craft and technological fluency, seeks to gain an understanding of diverse musical traditions, encourages collaboration with other artistic disciplines and engagement with the wider community.

Music Psychology & Performance Science

Music psychologists explore the ways that music impacts our emotions, relationships, brain and bodies.  We use a range of research approaches to measure and explore the connection between music and individuals, groups and society in order to better understand how music can promote health and wellbeing.  Music performance science critically examines psychological, sociological and scientific research related to performing and creating music.

Lyrebird Productions

Lyrebird Production was established in 2015 to showcase the artistry, creativity, and research of composers and performers within the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. The creative legacy offered through Lyrebird Production performances delivers the highest standards of sound quality for original works composed and performed by Conservatorium staff and their distinguished colleagues.

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